RESOURCES  Persuasive Speech Sample Outline
    State my subject: What am I going to talk about? What is my position on the
    II. Reason #1
    1. Answer the question Why should someone see things my way?
    2. Give them a good reason why my subject is valid
    3. Explain why it is important.
       Make sure the reasons are good enough to persuade them value your point.
    (Try to use both opinions and facts when stating the reasons.
    III. Reason #2

    IV. Reason #3

    V. Counter argument
        1. Show the audience that I understand that there are at least
           two sides to every argument.
        2. Refute the counter argument.
    Possible sentence beginnings for counter argument and refute:
    “I realize that . . . but I believe . . .”
    “I understand that you might feel differently about . . . but . . .”
    “I am aware of . . . but I urge you to. . .
    “Many people might think the opposite . . . but the facts state . . .”
    VI. Conclusion
           1. Restate my assertion
           2. Write a good ending sentence
           3. Ask for a specific action.
    Possible sentence beginnings for a conclusion:
    “I strongly urge you to . . .”
    “These facts show that . . .”

    Remember to include facts you have learned.
The outline below follows our usual path:  Tell'em what you'll tell 'em, Tell 'em, Tell 'em what
you told 'em.  Below are two different yet very similar examples of how to organize a
Persuasive speech
Students can use either of  the following outlines to develop a persuasive presentation  to present before
most groups
Below this outline
is a complete
explanation of how
to use the blank
Outline 2 and the explanation came from web pages by "passthe ball"